• Sign the petition for the creation of the
    Nopolo Natural Park


    Your signature will add support to the Mexican citizens' petition to create a municipal natural park .


    This official designation, that could be of municipal, state or federal order; will establish the protection of 5000 acres of land adjacent to the Nopolo Tourism Development of FONATUR, in the municipality of

    Loreto Baja California Sur, Mexico

  • The Context



    The original Canadian developers of "The Villages of Loreto Bay" promised that from the total 8,000 acres of this master plan, 5,000 acres would be restored and protected in perpetuity.


    In an area adjacent to it's phases 6, 7, 8 and portions of phase 9; formed by beach sand dunes and mangroves; including the arroyo connecting the phases to the Sea of Cortes

    The Petition


    The request is to create a Natural Park of public access, that provides ecological and recreational services to locals and visitors, on a voluntarily, already designated land area, for conservation and restoration.


    A Park, that maintains the natural connectivity between the Bay of  Loreto National Park and Sierra La Giganta; and that supports with the protection of the key watershed areas of Loreto Baja California Sur.

    Bases of support


    The site features a habitat that deserves protection: From the "Primer Agua" water spring, thru the Arroyo stream, down into the sea shore of the Bay of Loreto National Park; along with the populations of "Cardon" cactus of this mountain wilderness; and the coastal dunes and mangrove habitats.


    The designation will create areas for hiking and other recreational activities, for visitors and residents alike. Indirectly, it will also help to increase the real state value of the Nopolo development; therefore, the income to the Municipality of Loreto, from property taxes

  • The Process

    Article 8

    Of the Mexican Constitution, establishes the right of petition, which can be submitted in writing before any authority, being obliged to answer within the time allowed by law.

    Your Signature

    Along with that of Mexican citizens, will serve of supporting base to submit the Petition to the right authorities, to the possible terms of a process to define and create the designation of the Nopolo Natural Park.

    The protocol

    We decided to follow the protocol of a Citizens' initiative, which will provide a strong support to the agencies of the executive and legislative government, where we will submit the Petition.

    The Format

    The Petition goes with the actual physical signatures, in a format that meets certain established requirements .

  • How to participate with your signature:

    1. Download the signatures form.
    2. Fill the form with your ID information (passport)
    3. Help us get more signatures from family and friends. 
    4. Take your form to our delivery point*
    5. Adopt this citizens' petition and help us to spread it.
    * The Community Center for the Environment - CenCoMA (Eco-Alianza Loreto's Headquarters)

  • The Submission

    Mainly will go to the following public officials:

    Prof. Arely Arce Peralta

    Mayor of Loreto Baja California Sur

    Lic. Roberto Chollet Rochin

    Director Delegate of FONATUR in Baja California Sur

    Lic. Alejandro del Mazo Maza

    National Commissioner of CONANP

    C. Rodolfo Davis Osuna

    B.C.S. State Congress representative of Loreto

    Arq. Aarón Alfredo Davis Green

    Subdelegate of FONATUR in the city of Loreto B.C.S.

    Ocean. Javier A. González Leija

    Director of The Bay of Loreto National Park - CONANP

  • About us

    We are a diverse group of citizens and organizations

    What are we looking for?

    To Collect the enough signatures needed to submit a formal Citizens' Petition, to be analyzed and responded by the relevant authorities for the designation and establishment of a Municipal Natural Park.

    The Organizations and citizens backing this initiative invites you all to preserve the natural areas for a sustainable development use.

    On this website you can download the appropriate form to collect the signatures, and learn about the place where you can deliver the forms with signatures.

    The Citizens' Petition for the Nopolo Natural Park is an initiative of The Ocean Foundation, supported by Eco-Alianza de Loreto A.C.



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